In 2013 – before Utretcht, before Finland, and before Silicon Valley’s recent awakening to the reality of job replacement – the Environics Institute for Survey Research and the Trudeau Foundation asked Canadians what we thought of Basic Income.

Even back then, more than half of us in Vancouver support Basic Income.

The survey found that the “concept receives majority support among residents of […] Vancouver (52%), as well as among Canadians with household incomes under $100,000 (52%) and those with no post-secondary education (56%).”

The question explained that a Basic Income “would involve every Canadian receiving a specific amount of money from the government each year, which would then be “clawed back” with every dollar of income people earn. Such a program is intended to ensure everyone has enough money for the basic necessities, and would replace other forms of economic assistance, like welfare and unemployment insurance”.

Read the full backgrounder here

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