A paper from MIT and Harvard published October 2015 provides evidence that cash grants have no effects on work behaviour.

‘As safety nets [providing cash grants] have increased [around the world] so has the debate about whether they simply discourage work, enabling a “lazy poor.” Aggregating evidence from randomized evaluations of seven cash transfer programs, we find no effects of transfers on work behavior, either for men or women. Moreover, a 2014 review of transfer programs worldwide by Evans and Popova also show no evidence—despite claims in the policy debate—that the transfers induce increases in spending on temptation goods, such alcohol and tobacco. Thus, on net, the available evidence implies cash
transfer programs do not induce the “bad” behaviors that are often attributed to them in the policy space.’ http://economics.mit.edu/files/10849 #basicincomevancouver #basicneedsbasicincome